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RV Roadside Service Plan
Not all RV Roadside Service Plans are created equally!

RV Roadside Service Tips

Welcome to RV Roadside    Service Plan, features and options.  Know your Roadside Service Plan coverage details before you need it!

If you currently have a RV roadside service plan with either your Insurance Company or a 3rd party Company, read the details and compare the coverage to other plans available.

Read all about my personal experience with a roadside service plan with a National Insurance Company! 

Roadside Service Tip:  Never leave home without having a comprehensive RV roadside service plan in place.

The best roadside service plan on the market should include the following features and coverage:
  • Covers all vehicles in the household.
  • Covers unlimited number of tows.
  • Include all members of the household.
  • Unlimited locked out - lost key service.
  • Fuel to get you to the nearest station
  • Flat Tire Service
Have the right card with the right coverage in your wallet at all times. Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service: flat tire changes, towing, fuel delivery, jump starts, lock out protection and more!

*Some RV insurance companies treat any RV roadside assistance service calls like an accident claim. Too many requests for help with a lockout or fuel delivery could result in higher RV insurance premiums.

Most RV roadside service plans vary in cost from $60 and up a year. No matter what the cost is per year, know the coverage details and how to use the service when you need it. 

What is your current RV roadside plan? What does it cover? Multiple drivers in your family?
What's the cost of your RV roadside service plan a year?

Good Sam RV Emergency Road ServiceIs your RV roadside service plan a comprehensive coverage plan for you, your family and your pets?

After experiencing an RV flat tire in the middle of the desert, RVing peace of mind is Priceless! We carry the card that matters. Good Sam. Compare the RV Emergency Roadside Assistance from the Good Sam Club and cost with your current RV roadside plan.

Do you have an older model RV?  It might be worth it to consider checking into an Extended Service Plan: Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for motorhomes, 5th wheels, trailers and tow vehicles INSTANT FREE QUOTE!

Let's get on the road RVing and leave the worries behind us!

    RV Roadside Service Plan
               My Story!

We drive our RV every year to the NASCAR Races from Southern Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada.  

A couple of years ago coming back from Las Vegas, we blew a tire on the RV in the middle of the desert (hwy 395, North of Beatty).  I must have spent a solid hour on my cell phone calling *411 (you don't travel with yellow pages and at that time, I didn't have a smart phone either ) for the nearest roadside service company that would be available to assist us.  We knew that there was no way that we could change the inside tire that blew. We needed help.

After several inquiries, I was finally able to locate an RV roadside service provider that was 45 miles away from where we blew the tire. He unfortunately was on a call 90 miles north of our location! Of course, because of where we were at the time of the incident, he was the only guy in town for many miles! 
Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service 
Four long  hours later

he arrived and in a few minutes, changed the RV tire at a cost of $200.  For his services, he accepted - only Cash! 4 hours and $200 later, we were back on the RV road heading for home.   

I had RV Roadside Service Insurance.   I had paid for a RV roadside service rider on my RV insurance policy. I thought it would be simple to use when I needed it.  Not so!

After we arrived home. I called my insurance company to get my money back. I found out that in the small details of my roadside plan, I was required to do all of the locating, scheduling and arranging of the RV roadside service call.  I even had to file a insurance claim when I arrived home. I had to do everything. You get the picture - right!  

Good Sam RV Emergency Road ServiceMy next priority was to research RV Insurance Companies as well as purchase a comprehensive RV roadside service plan. I never wanted to go through that experience ever - again.

I did. I switched both policies at the same time. When I switched, I was shocked. For the same coverage with additional features, I saved over $300 a year. Are you paying too much for your RV Insurance? Click here for a free quote from Good Sam VIP I certainly was! I felt that saving over $300 was worth the switch. Take a minute to compare Good Sam VIP: Insurance for RVs with your RV Insurance plan and coverage. It's a FREE QUOTE

The roadside service plan is loaded with service features. Compare your current RV roadside assistance program with the RV Emergency Roadside Assistance from the Good Sam Club  For a great value and cost a year, if we would have had this coverage at the time we blew a tire on the road, we would have came home with an additional $120 cash in our pocket.

Always have the right card in your wallet and let's go RVing. 

RV Emergency Road Service
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