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RV Trip Planner on a Budget

Planning a RV trip is all in the details before you go RVing!

RV Trip and Event Planning Basics and Tips

Welcome to RV Trip & Event Planner on a Budget

Have you ever just got into your RV and hit the road with the kids without a solid RV travel plan?

Let's start with RV Trip and Event planning basics.

Whether your dream RV trip with the kids is boondocking (also known as dry camping), birdwatching, going to a favorite sports game, amusement park, or concert, mapping out and preparing and planning all of the details of your RV trip and event before you go will save you time, money and frustration!  

Where are you going on your RV trip
? Before you decide on a RV travel destination, find and research the destination details through the city or the city's chamber of commerce. Most city's have their own webpage. The city's website pages are typically very useful for researching events happening in the city, contact and directions to the nearest medical and veterinary services, museums, shopping and more.

If your plans include the purchase of a sports event ticket, find and purchase cheap sports tickets here!Find cheap sports tickets!

What's the weather forecast going to be during your RV trip?  Check the weather forecast for your RV travels. Always check and plan ahead of the RV Trip. My favorite link for the weather forecast for any city is  This useful tool is invaluable.  The use of the tool could change your RV trip plans and destination before you reserve a RV campsite or purchase tickets to an event that might be nonrefundable! 

What will be the best route for the RV trip? My recommendation is to first, map out the RV trip and plan through
for the shortest route available. Second, map out your destination through a smart phone.  Ready for a phone upgrade? Check your eligibility and get your choice of phones with FREE FedEx shipping! application or purchase a GPS electronic device. (GPS is a portable electronic device that you mount in the RV or car that tracks your RV travel, keeps you going in the right direction, alerts you to an upcoming road closure or construction). Third, as a backup, always have an ATLAS US MAP GUIDE on hand. We use all three of these tools on all of our RV trips!

Where are you going to RV camp everyday?  RV  campsite reservations are available at most campgrounds.  Don't go RVing and hope you Join the Good Sam Club! find a place! That's never a good plan. You need to locate an RV Campground and have a reservation in place before you go RVing! My favorite RVing campground resource guide that we use daily on the road is the Trailerlife DirectoryTrailer Life Directory The Trailerlife guide has all of the details of RV campsites by state and city, cost of the site, applied discounts, contact information and includes a list of all of the campground amenities such as
internet service, laundry facilities, swimming pool, kids playgrounds, pet restrictions and more.  This guide is also especially useful on the road when you are running into time constraints and need to change your original RV travel plans!  Also, check out my articles on RV Campsite Savings as well! These articles could make your RV campsite savings dollars add up even more!  Get Great RV Tips & Save on Camping when you Join the Good Sam Club.

What are you planning to do while you are there? If your plans include going to an event, play or concert, shop around for deep discounts thru ticket liquidators on major event ticket and entrance fees first.
Find cheap tickets!
If you are planning to shop, or visit cultural events while traveling, check out the savings at available for most major cities.

RV Packing Tip: Start planning your RV trip by writing a list of all of the items you need to take for the trip.  We always load our RV from our list.  As we load the items into the RV, we mark it off. The RV packing list of items to take could include:

Food, food menu by day, recipes
Personal Care essentials
Extra towels, wash clothes, linens
Paper and cleaning products
BBQ - Propane Tank
First Aid Kit
Pet essentials, pet food, pet shot records, pet meds
Computer, computer accessories
Cell Phone, cell phone accessories
Books, DVD movies, games, cards
Satellite box, remote

Always have on hand when traveling a RV Manufacturer Reference Guide or RV Minor Repair Book to guide you thru the troubleshooting basics.  Check out additional resources and basics at RV Resource Center.

I also recommend stocking up on all of the Great books about RVing. Save up to 45% off! Learn from our Rving experience - If you need it, wish you had it and forgot it, don't look back or better yet, buy it over- again! Properly planning your next RV trip will be a breeze.

RV Event and Trip Planning makes your RV trip less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.   
Did you know that Good Sam Trip Planning Research and Route Your Trips! Join the Good Sam RV Club Today Get that trip planned, load up the kids and pets and Let's Go RVing!



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