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Rent or Buy RV

Should you rent or buy an RV? 

You have a choice of renting an RV for your RV travel adventure!
What should you consider before making a RV purchase or rental decision? 

  1. Will this be the first time you are taking the kids and all on an RV travel adventure?
  2. Are the kids and all interested in experiencing the joy of RVing but not sure if RVing is something that everyone will enjoy doing every year?
  3. Are you not sure what type, size and style of RV would be perfect for the kids and all?
  4. What will be the estimated driving distance of your travel plans?
  5. Does your travel plans include the use of air travel as well as an RV?
  6. Does your travel plans include the need for a vehicle?

Most first time Rver's, especially with kids, rent either a Class C (Cab over Motorhome), or a travel trailer. Increasing in rental popularity is the Class A (Motorhome). The style, selection and choice depends primarily upon interior, space, number of beds, options, as well overall accomodations.

There are several US rental agencies to consider. Compare rental agencies inventory, style choices, pricing, generator usage guidelines, linens,  kitchen amenities,  mileage costs, cleaning deposits, return policy, pet deposit, RV insurance guidelines, refueling and towing policy.

All rental agencies prepare you with a comprehensive walk-thru and education of the RV.  

I recommend to compare the following rental agency choices to see what is best for your upcoming RV rental needs.

A great and popular choice is El Monte RV.  El Monte RV offers great deals on travel packages.  

El Monte RV Rentals & Motorhome Rentals

                 Let's Go Rving!


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